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Global settings.conf

The global settings.conf file, located in your RetroFE directory, defines how your overall system operates. See below for a list of configuration parameters that can be specified for your global settings.conf.

Variable Allowed values Description
fullscreen yes, true, no, false Run the front-end in fullscreen
horizontal stretch, #pixels Screen pixel width (i.e. 1920)
vertical stretch, #pixels Screen pixel height (i.e. 1080)
layout a folder name in /layouts The layout/theme to use for RetroFE (i.e. Aeon Nox)
hideMouse yes, true, no, false Hide the mouse cursor on the screen when the FE is active
showParenthesis yes, true, no, false Hide item/ROM information between ()
showSquareBrackets yes, true, no, false Hide item/ROM information between []
firstCollection a folder name in /collections Specify the name of the first collection to load on start (i.e. Main)
videoEnable yes, true, no, false Enable video display
videoLoop #loops Number of times to loop video playback (enter 0 to continuously loop)
exitOnFirstPageBack yes, true, no, false Exit the frontend when the back button is pressed on the first page
attractModeTime time (in seconds) Enter 0 to disable attract mode, otherwise enter the number of seconds to wait before the menu scrolls to another random point
rememberMenu yes, true, no, false Remember the last highlighted menu item if re-entering a menu
autoFavorites yes, true, no, false Automatically switch to the Favorites playlist if it is available
minimize_on_focus_loss yes, true, no, false Overwrite system SDL default for SDL_VIDEO_MINIMIZE_ON_FOCUS_LOSS to force RetroFE to (not) minimize when the focus on the full-screen window is lost.
collectionInputClear yes, true, no, false Clear the input queue when entering/exiting a collection
baseMediaPath i.e.(d:/media) Override if you choose to have your media stored outside of RetroFE. Can be used by your Collection Settings.conf.
baseItemPath i.e.(d:/roms) Override if you choose to have your roms stored outside of RetroFE. Can be used by your Collection Settings.conf.
unloadSDL yes, true, no, false Close SDL when starting a game. This is needed for some systems like RetroPie to prevent the emulator from being launched behind the front-end.
overwriteXML yes, true, no, false Allow information files (collections/<collection name>/info/<item name>.conf) to overwrite information from meta.db
subsSplit yes, true, no, false Split merged collections based on .sub files per .sub file (yes/true) or sort them as one list (no/false)
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