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Global settings.conf

The global settings.conf file defines your overall system operates. See below for a list of configuration parameters that can be specified for your global settings.conf.

Variable Allowed values Description
fullscreen yes, true, no, false Run the front-end in fullscreen
horizontal stretch, #pixels Screen pixel width (i.e. 1920)
vertical stretch, #pixels Screen pixel height (i.e. 1080)
layout a folder name in /layouts The layout/theme to use for RetroFE (i.e. Aeon Nox)
hideMouse yes, true, no, false Hide the mouse cursor on the screen when the FE is active
showParenthesis yes, true, no, false Hide item/ROM information between ()
showSquareBrackets yes, true, no, false Hide item/ROM information between []
firstCollection a folder name in /collections Specify the name of the first collection to load on start (i.e. Main)
videoEnable yes, true, no, false Enable video display
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