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 |back|Leaves current menu|  |back|Leaves current menu|
 |quit|Exits the frontend|  |quit|Exits the frontend|
 +|jbFastForward1m|Jukebox fast forward 1 minute|
 +|jbFastRewind1m|Jukebox fast rewind 1 minute|
 +|jbFastForward5p|Jukebox fast forward 5%|
 +|jbFastRewind5p|Jukebox fast rewind 5%|
 +|jbPause|Jukebox pause|
 +|jbRestart|Jukebox restart|
 |deadZone|Defines the dead zone for analog inputs| |deadZone|Defines the dead zone for analog inputs|
-**Controllers/​joysticks are supported in versions 0.6.x and later.** 
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
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