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 |nextPlaylist|Switches to the next playlist.| |nextPlaylist|Switches to the next playlist.|
 |prevPlaylist|Switches to the previous playlist.| |prevPlaylist|Switches to the previous playlist.|
-|cyclePlaylist|Switches to the next playlist in the cyclePlaylist set.|+|cyclePlaylist|Switches to the next playlist in the cyclePlaylist set. Still functional, but has been replaced by nextCyclePlaylist.| 
 +|nextCyclePlaylist|Switches to the next playlist in the cyclePlaylist set.| 
 +|prevCyclePlaylist|Switches to the previous ​playlist in the cyclePlaylist set.|
 |random|Selects a random game| |random|Selects a random game|
 |select|Selects the active menu item|  |select|Selects the active menu item|
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